J/C's High Performance Pro Shop, is owned and operated by Chris Glaz, since 2010.  Chris has been bowling since 1986.  He moved to the Charleston area in  1996 to attend College of Charleston, where he continued to bowl.  Chris has 47 honor scores which consist of 20 300 games, 6 800 series, and 21 eleven strikes in a row.  Chris Began 2014, by signing on as a staff member for Storm/Roto Grip bowling in January, getting married in March, and will be inducted into the Greater Charleston Bowling Hall of Fame, later that year. He finished the 2013-2014 season with a 235 league average, and a 229 composite for all leagues bowled. Chris finished the 2014-2015 season with 235 city high average and 227 composite and welcomed his first baby April 18, 2015.


2010 Competitive Bowler Challenge 1st
State Team Scratch Champs 2010,2011,212
City Doubles Scratch/Handi Champs 2012
City Scratch Singles, and All Events Champ 2014

City Scratch Team Champs 2016
Charleston 8 game scratch 2nd-4, 3rd-3, 4th-4, 5th-4 Charleston All Star Team Selections 4 times

Team Has Finished Top 100 at Nationals Once, top 200 Twice.